Poll Shows Americans Want Congressional Approval For Military Action

The Obama Administration has not sought congressional approval for its choice of military actions in Syria or Iraq. Congress has not made a sound in protest, but Americans are not happy about it.

A recent poll that shows 62% of Americans think the White House's decisions abroad should be debated and backed up by the legislative branch.


With President Obama's role as Commander-in-Chief, he is legally allowed to bypass the legislative branch to engage the U.S. military in interventions overseas. Many previous presidents have done the same.

With the election in three weeks and many races still undecided, incumbent candidates are reluctant to be vocal about military efforts that could potentially fail, especially Democrats who were elected on an anti-war stance. No one wants to take the blame, and lawmakers have little to gain by putting to vote.

Another issue is that, though Americans have expressed their desire for congressional involvement in these decisions, not many voices are being lifted in protest against the way things have unfolded. "People largely approve of what they've seen so far, as far as the airstrikes go," according to a recent Washington Post article.

The bottom line is that Americans would like to see Congress approve these military actions abroad. However, until voices are lifted up to insist this happens, most likely nothing will change.

Do you think presidential military actions should be checked by Congress? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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