Trump Makes BOLD Promise To America During His Gettysburg Address

On Saturday, Donald Trump took to the podium near the battlefield at Gettysburg and made a ‘Contract With The American Voter’. In the contract, Donald Trump revealed a long list...

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Hillary Tells Catholic Audience How To Achieve Salvation

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Guess What? More Evidence Of Extreme Voter Fraud!

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OUTRAGE After Texas Community Sets Up Hotline To Report Voter Fraud

The Video That Hillary Wished No One Would See Has Just Been Released

Hillary Clinton has tried every trick and explanation in the book to distance herself from her use of a private...

How Many Republicans Won't Accept Results If Hillary Wins? It's STAGGERING

An amazing number of Republicans no believe that Donald Trump is right in saying the election is rigged, and they're...

Franklin Graham Gives STRONG Advice To Christians Who Don't Know Who To Vote For

Do you remember taking tests when you were younger and hearing the advice that if you don't know the answer,...

69-Year-Old Who Said She Was Punched Out By Trump Supporter Changes Story

It was a story that grabbed national headlines at the time. A 69-year-old COPD sufferer on oxygen brutally punched out...

Did Hillary Just Spill Classified Information AGAIN? Pentagon Says...

A comment by Hillary Clinton during Wednesday night's third presidential debate had a lot of viewers wonder if she had...

Starnes: Hillary Will Do To America What That DNC Bus Did On The Streets In Georgia

If you believe the television pundits, Donald Trump is going to wage a one-man revolution if he loses the 2016...