Politico PANICS Too, Gives 5 Reason Why Trump Getting Closer To Victory!

A Washington Post contributor went into full-blown panic mode today after he realized Donald Trump has a real shot at winning and, even if he doesn't, conservatives are still going to wage war on Hillary Clinton and the D.C. establishment.

Now a senior political reporter at left-leaning Politico appears to be terrified as well.

In a story headlined "What if everyone's wrong?" Shane Goldmacher calls into question a national impression — pushed by the mainstream media — that Hillary has a fabulous chance of winning.

"Not far beneath the surface," he Goldmacher writes, "lurks a question making Democrats squirm in these frenzied final days. What if the polls [showing Hillary ahead] are wrong? What if there is, in fact, a 'silent majority' of Trump fans?"


Goldmacher gives the following explanations of why he thinks Trump may be doing far better than thought:
— In the polls where Trump is still behind Hillary, he is rapidly catching up.
— Democrats have shifted from boasting about turning Republican-leaning states into toss-up states to rushing to protect their own Democrat-leaning states from Trump.
— Utah, which had Trump and Hillary almost tied and Evan McMullin's surprising popularity threatening a big upset, has now swung hugely back towards Trump. According to RealClearPolitics, Trump is now at 39% over Hillary at 27% and McMullin at 26% in the Beehive State.
— The Hillary campaign's own data showed Virginia and Colorado secured for her a few weeks ago, but now they're buying new ads in that state.

Goldmacher also added that "every day that the words “FBI,” “email,” and Clinton” continue to be splashed across front pages of websites, newspapers and cable chyrons [on-screen news tickers] is another day of concern for Democrats that Trump could somehow be sneaking up on Clinton."

To be accurate, the mainstream media has actually ignored or downplayed a lot of the Hillary scandal news lately, but it continues to be shouted loud and clear across alternative news outlets.

What do you think of this?

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