Police Officer Hospitalized After Bizarre Restaurant Incident; Investigators Unsure If It Was Attack

Investigators are trying to determine if an incident in a Columbus, Ohio restaurant was an attack on a police officer or merely a terrible accident.

According to the Ledger-Enquirer, an unidentified officer bit down on a sandwich he had ordered at an eatery and instantly knew something was wrong. When he opened his mouth, blood came out, and when he opened his sandwich, he discovered shards of glass.

The restaurant has been closed for an investigation. The officer required hospitalization.


Meanwhile in Kansas City, Kansas, a police officer has died after being shot to death while responding to a "shots fired" call. KSN reports that police tracked down a group of people accused of shooting at another person from their car. When police captain Robert Melton approached them, he was dropped to the ground by multiple gunshots.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt released a statement saying, "We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all in the law enforcement community and share in Kansas City’s sorrow. "

Please pray for the safety of our officers in these especially hostile times!

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