Police Offer Attends Trump Rally, Reveals The TRUTH The Media Doesn’t Want You To Hear

Police officer Brandon Tatum did not know what to expect when he attended a Donald Trump rally in Tucson, Arizona.  He just wanted to hear what Trump had to say so that he could make an informed decision at the polls.

What transpired is something that made a lasting impression on him.  The people protesting Trump were far more vile and outrageous than any of the Trump supporters in attendance.

One of the protestors wore a KKK outfit while at the same time trying to portray Trump as a racist.  Other protestors were screaming out foul language and curse words at attendees and their small children. “Very, very uncomfortable feeling,” Tatum said. “People were directly yelling at me as if I were a criminal. All I’m trying to do is hear what the man has to say.”

Watch Tatum explain in detail the intolerance and hypocrisy of the liberal protestors.  It is shocking!  Don’t expect to hear about this on the mainstream media anytime soon.

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