Police Call Soros-Backed Portland Protest What It Is: A Riot

In left-leaning Portland, Oregon, local law enforcement decided to call the Soros-backed, socialist, anarchist protest what it was last night: A riot.

According to The Oregonian, thousands of protesters gathered for a third night of unrest after George Soros-backed MoveOn.org encouraged mass resistance across the nation in response to President-Elect Donald Trump's victory. Last month, Project Veritas undercover videos exposed what had long been suspected — that many of the protesters at anti-Trump rallies and Black Lives Matter rallies are paid and instructed to foment violence.


What resulted last night in Portland was mobs of rioters vandalizing businesses, fighting with police, and spraying anarchist messages on walls. And it was obvious that many locals either had nothing to do with it or were peaceful protesters who resented the outsiders destroying their neighborhoods.


Police reported that many of the peaceful demonstrators were "trying to get anarchist groups to stop destroying property. One video, posted by KATU News (Warning: Strong language) showed a crowd of protesters fighting with rioters to keep them from destroying a transformer.


Babs Jacobsen, who stayed indoors and tried to sleep as the "terrifying" riots took place outside, said, "I woke up crying. This is our neighborhood. We love our neighborhood."

Arturo DeLeon, who opposed Trump, had strong words for the rioters, saying, "They just demonized themselves and made [Trump] look like a better person."

Police made 29 arrests and noted that participating in a riot is a felony.

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