Please Pray For Victims Of Horrific, Deadly School Bus Crash!

UPDATED AT 7:05 P.M. EASTERN — WKRN is reporting that, according to the Hamilton County District Attorney's office, at least 6 children have died. Part of the bus is inside a house but the woman inside appears to be OK. According to WTVC, the lines of people wanting to donate blood are going out the door as the community rushes to help the victims. The blood bank put out an emergency call for donors.

Please pray for the victims of a horrific, deadly school bus crash this afternoon in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


According to CBS News, sources are saying that up to 12 children may be dead. Authorities have not confirmed that number but said there are multiple deaths.

Among the kindergarten through 6th grade students on the bus, 23 have been taken by ambulances to local hospitals. 35 children were on the bus. The bus driver survived. The cause of the crash has not been released.

Pictures posted on social media show a tree slicing like a knife through the rolled-over bus.

Please pray for healing for those injured and comfort for the families who lost young loved ones.

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