Please Pray For New Jersey And New York After Horrific Train Crash

Please lift up the train passengers of New Jersey and New York in your prayers as they deal with the physical and emotional pain from a horrific train crash that left at least 1 person dead and more than 100 injured.


CNN is reporting that a commuter train plowed at high speed into a busy platform at the Hoboken, New Jersey terminal across the Hudson River from Greenwich Village and Lower Manhattan. The force of the train hitting the end of the track collapsed part of the ceiling of the large train station onto the train cars and waiting area, resulting in even more injuries. Passengers inside the train described being thrown violently around upon impact.


Transit worker Mike Larson described exactly what the train did, saying, "It went up and over the bumper block, through the depot, and came to rest at the wall by the waiting room."


Police were quick to say that the crash appeared accidental, not related to terrorism, although others have noted that the crash happened at one of the busiest possible times during the morning commute. The train engineer was unresponsive when rescuers removed him from the wreck. There has been no official update on his condition.


Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer wrote on Twitter, "My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected. Thank you for the outpouring of support and to all the first responders on scene."

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer also expressed on Twitter, "My heart is with the commuters from NY & NJ impacted by this morning's crash in Hoboken. Thankful to the brave first responders on the scene."

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