Phil Robertson: Want Proof Jesus Existed? Just Look At A Calendar

Want proof that Jesus existed? Just look at a calendar.

That's what "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson said during a speech at Western Conservative Summit in Denver this weekend, according to the Christian Post.

But what is it about a calendar that's so special? It's the year on it, Phil said — 2016.


"He did come, and every last one of you seated here, and the rest of America, and most of the world — their calendar documented it. It's 2,016 years since Jesus showed up, right?" Phil explained. "If your calendar is dated of all the human beings who have ever walked on the Earth, and your calendar is dedicated and predicated to just one of 'em, evidently something rather large went down."

He added, "How come we say 'it's 2,016 years, I don't believe in this Jesus stuff'?" Well, you're counting time by him, dude. Face it!'"

Do you think this is a good way to get people to start thinking about Christ's existence? Let us know!

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