Phil Robertson Wades In Swinging On Trump Crude Comments Controversy

In the wake of the release of crude sexual comments made by Donald Trump in 2005, "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson came out swinging, but his verbal blows were not directed at Trump but at his critics instead.


According to US Magazine, Phil shared a story of a time when he recently offered a Gospel diagram to Trump, who showed interest in it and took a copy. Phil isn't sure if Trump is a Christian or not, but he says the presidential candidate has certainly expressed curiosity.

“ … Now whether he will put his faith in [the Gospel] or not, we’ll wait," Phil said. "I would just remind America, we need to give Donald Trump time, or anyone else, when it comes to 'Well you know, he did this and did that'… like we're not all sinners? I mean, give me a break.”

Phil himself was steeped deeply in alcoholism and infidelity before he accepted Christ and saw a massive transformation in his life. He's now an evangelist.

Phil has some blunt advice for evangelical leaders dropping their support of Trump.

“I would say they need to lighten up, start going out and preaching the gospel to different people, including Donald Trump, and give him some time to think about spiritual matters, and work with him, and not condemn anybody,” Phil said, adding that "the litmus test they’re using is not a correct one.”

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