Phil Robertson: To Turn Our Nation Back To God, We Must First...

"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson made an appearance at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as part of his "UnMuzzled! Phil Robertson Talks God, Guns and Country" program.

Phil unashamedly proclaimed the Gospel in his prayer to the outdoor enthusiast audience. He expressed that in order to turn our nation back to God, we must first recognize the sins of our people and look to Him for help. Here is an excerpt:

"We have really screwed this thing up. We really have. Father. We're burning our own children. We practice perversion. We lie. We steal. We're a depraved nation. My prayer, Father, is that we just shake our head and say 'What in the world are we doing?' I pray, Father, beginning here in Pennsylvania, that these good people here, if they haven't obey the Gospel, do so. I pray they look out across America and beyond to the rest of the world and look at the carnage, the depravity, the murder, the rape, the robbery, the drugs. I pray they look out, Father, and see that and say, 'We must turn. We must turn, as a nation, back to God. This will not work without God's help. That's my prayer for the people here in Pennsylvania, Father. I love them. I know You love them. We didn't deserve any of this, Father, but you sent Jesus anyway. And it took His death and innocent blood being shed for every rotten, filthy thing we've ever done, and three days later, Father, guaranteed that we can be raised from the dead. Thank you Father, for a hope that You have given us. Thank you Father, for Jesus. Thank you for your Spirit that you give us."

Watch the full prayer below:

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