What Does Love Mean To You?

Bill and Glad have been married for 50 years and never has their love been tested like it has been recently.  Glad was diagnosed with Alzheimers around 2004 and it has been getting increasingly worse.

Bill has to do everything for Glad these days.  This includes showering and dressing her as well as brushing her teeth.  His response?  “I count it a great privilege to care for this woman that I’ve loved all these years and continue to love”

In today’s age that treats marriage as a form of dating, it is beautiful to see a couple honor and give meaning to the vows they took.  50 years later, “In sickness and in health” and “Until death do us part” carry a reverence in Bill and Glad’s heart that is as strong as the love they have for each other.

Watch the video and witness the meaning of true love.  We would love to hear your thoughts on what love means to you…

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