Paramedic On Her Wedding Day Responds To A Heartbreaking Call

Sarah Ray is a paramedic by profession and is very passionate about her job.  On the day of her wedding, a call came in that she could not turn away from.

According to Fox News, while driving to her wedding reception with her husband, Sarah got a call.  Her father told her that there had been an accident.  The car carrying her father and grandparents had been totaled.

Sarah arrived at the scene of the accident to find her grandmother injured.  Thankfully, her injuries were not life threatening.  Sarah’s grandmother apologized to her for the accident.  “One of the first things she said to me was sorry she ruined my wedding day,” Sarah said. 

Sarah quickly assured her grandmother that she did not ruin the day.  As her grandmother was loaded into the ambulance and Sarah was returning to her car to continue on to the reception, her mother took a photo to capture the moment.


The Montgomery County, Tennessee government's Facebook page weighed in on the scene and the heroic bride, “How dedicated are you to your job?  Thank you, Sarah, for loving what you do.” 

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