Palin Says Obama Missed THESE 5 Key Points On Alaska Trip

Former governor and GOP presidential running mate Sarah Palin isn't just ticked off that President Barack Obama renamed the highest peak in her state during his visit to The Last Frontier.  According to The Hill, she says his Alaskan tour, which highlighted his views on the impact of climate change, missed some key points:

1. Obama did not visit the Hubbard Glacier, which despite "global warming," is "actually growing," she said.

2. Addressing the "growing and serious threat that is Vladimir Putin" in nearby Russia, she said.  Or China's activity off the Alaskan coast with oil and military exploration.

3. His failure to visit any part of the oil industry, including oil companies and refineries (which play a major role in fueling the U.S. economy).

4. His failure to reduce his carbon emissions.  She pointed out that with this trip "a bigger carbon footprint was created than what 33 cars combined would create in an entire year."

5. Doing anything more substantive on his official trip than being a tourist and taking "many selfies on a stick."  According to USA Today, the president took time to participate in an episode of the reality show "Running Wild with Bear Grylls".

Palin's daughter Bristol also criticized the president during his visit.  According to Western Journalism, she said that Obama renaming Mount McKinley to Denali doesn't make up "for all the other ways he has let down the Alaskan people."

She further commented in the blog post: "Why doesn’t he check out our oil fields?  Why doesn’t he open our pipeline so we can supply our own natural gas instead of buying it from our enemies in the Middle East… This is just a joke… The next election can’t come any sooner.” 

Do you agree?

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