Out of Who is Left, Which GOP Candidate has Best Chances of Winning

Only a few weeks ago, there were 17 candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination — and lots of people had their favorites.

Now, with Chris Christie's widely expected announcement that he is suspending his campaign, and Carly Fiorina dropping out, there are just 7 left. Here is how their chances would be rated, from high to low, based on their performance in the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary:


1 — Donald Trump (2nd in Iowa and 1st in New Hampshire; average result 1.5)
2 — Ted Cruz (1st in Iowa and 3rd in New Hampshire; average result 2)
3 — Marco Rubio (3rd in Iowa and 5th in New Hampshire; average result 4)
4 — John Kasich (8th in Iowa and 2nd in New Hampshire; average result 5)
5 — Jeb Bush (6th in Iowa and 4th in New Hampshire; average result 5)
6 — Ben Carson (4th in Iowa and 8th in New Hampshire; average result 6)
7 — Jim Gilmore (last in Iowa and New Hampshire; average result 8+)

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