Oregon Folk Singer To Embark On An Incredibly Naïve Plan To Stop ISIS

An Oregon man has taken it upon himself to spread a message of peace, love, and togetherness to the cold-blooded terrorists of ISIS.  Despite the fact that ISIS carries out the most brutal and barbaric attacks and spare not even women and children, one man felt “called” to appeal to the savages.

Folk singer, James Twyman of Portland, intends to deliver his message to ISIS through his folk music.  “It’s going to be pretty powerful,” Twyman said, “When people come together and focus on something in a positive way, there’s scientific evidence that it can change for the better.”


Twyman’s embarks on his foolish plan on January 20th with a stop in Italy and Israel.  From Israel, Twyman plans to cross into Syria.  According to Fox News, he has contacts there trying to secure a venue for a show in ISIS controlled territory at the of January.

The state department tried to reach out to the delusional folk singer and urged him not to go through with the potentially deadly travel plans and concert.  Despite the reality that awaits, Twyman still plans to go.  “I’m no sort of hero, but I do believe in the power of this.”

Do you think Twyman is being foolish?

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