OOPS! Video Of Biden From 1992 Ends Obama’s Chances To Appoint New Supreme Court Justice

In the wake of Antonin Scalia’s death, Obama has repeatedly said that he will appoint a nominee to replace the Supreme Court Justice.

High ranking officials from the Obama administration and Democratic party have been calling for immediate action in replacing Scalia and have balked and hissed at Republicans who have demanded that the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice be put on hold until after the election.

While every vile name and description has been thrown in the Republican’s direction, the best argument to wait until after the election season to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice came from the 2nd highest ranking Democrat in the country.

Vice president Joe Biden made demands on Senate floor in 1992 that then president George H.W. Bush not appoint or nominate a new Supreme Court Justice, if a vacancy were to arise, until after the election took place.

This piece of political hypocrisy may just be the fuel needed for the Republicans to stick to their guns and not approve any appointee that Obama may put forth until after the election season ends.

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