Oh. My Word. But Here’s the Really Incredible Thing

The moment you see what happens in this video, you’ll think, “There’s no way they could have survived that.”

And you’d be mistaken. This incident occurred on busy street in Seattle on Tuesday.

According to Q13 FOX, the Piper PA32 lost engine power shortly after take-off in Mukilteo, Wash.

The pilot chose a fairly clear section of Harbour Point Boulevard to land on, but he clipped a powerline and a traffic light before smashing into the pavement below.

Incredibly, the pilot and his passenger walked from the wreck with only minor injuries.

Just as amazingly, no one on the street was seriously injured either, despite a couple vehicles getting melted by the fire.

Amanda Hayes was driving a work van with her coworker when the plane’s wing hit the side.

"I just said, 'Get down!'” she told KOMO News “And before I know it, I could feel the heat on my face... and like the fireball and the wing clipped at the end."

Praise the Lord that no one was badly injured or killed.

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Oh. My Word. But Here’s the Really Incredible Thing