Office Depot Apologies For Refusing To Print Pro-Life Flyer

When Maria Goldstein sought to order 500 prints of a pro-life flyer at an Office Depot last week in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg, she was turned down because her "hate material" violated the company's policy.

According to the National Catholic Register, Goldstein's flyers were titled "Quick Facts on Planned Parenthood" and "Prayer for the Conversation of Planned Parenthood", but an employee refused to print the material for her and directed her to a self-serve station instead.

Dismayed, Goldstein left the store and contacted the Thomas More Society, which sent a warning to Office Depot.


Office Depot's Assistant General Counsel Robert A. Amicone sent a letter back outlining why the pro-life flyer could not be printed by an employee. It cited a perceived copyright violation with the flyer, but then outlined these phrases in the flyer that violated the company's policy of printing "graphic material" and "hate material":

1. "The killing of children in the womb"
2. "The grisly trade in baby body parts"
3. Those who perform abortions described as "evil"
4. "Death camps in our midst"

On Friday, Sept. 10, Office Depot did finally back down after news of the battle caught widespread attention. They issued an apology saying that Goldstein's flyers were not declined on the basis of religious belief and that further review of the content of the flyers "is not a clear violation of the company's policy." They then invited Goldstein to return to the store to get her flyers printed.

After the apology, Thomas More Society Attorney Tom Olp replied, "We are grateful that Office Depot has apologized for discriminating against Maria Goldstein based on the content of her flyers. This situation is a reminder that religious liberty is increasingly under attack today, but it is a fundamental American right that every one of us should value and defend."

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