Obama Sends BIG Message, Nominates First Muslim To Serve As...

President Barack Obama is sending a big message as he pads his legacy during his final months in the Oval Office.


According to NBC News, Obama has just nominated a Muslim to serve as America's first ever Muslim federal judge.

While the move is mostly symbolic — Republicans are unlikely to approve the nomination — it sends a clear statement to those wary of the possibility of a Muslim judge giving Sharia law precedence over American law and Judeo-Christian values.

To Council on American-Islamic Relations national executive director Nihad Awad, the nomination of Abid Qureshi "sends a clear message of inclusion that is welcomed by the American Muslim community and by all Americans who value diversity and mutual respect at a time when some seek division and discord."

A statement like that makes it clear to some conservatives that Obama is trying to stick it to people he sees as being hateful rather than having a genuine concern about the preservation of traditional American values.

What do think about this?

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