Obama Distances Himself From The Rise Of Trump, But There’s Just One Problem…

It has long been a rallying cry for the Democrats that former President George W. Bush’s time in office and his actions gave rise to Obama and his liberal policies.  If that notion is to be believed, than the very same principle applies to Obama and the shocking rise of Donald Trump.

Obama’s lack of action against ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist groups, as well as his unwillingness to enforce federal immigration laws and secure the border helps to fuel the notion that his lack of leadership has lead America to search out a strong leader.

Obamacare is another massive policy failure that has driven Republicans out to the polls in record numbers.  But according to Politico, Obama rejects the notion that anything he has done has led to the rise of Trump.

“What I’m not going to do is validate some notion that the Republican crackup that’s been taking place is a consequence of actions that I’ve taken,” Obama said Thursday.  “Within the Republican party is to some degree, all those efforts over a course of time creating an environment where someone like a Donald Trump can thrive.  He’s just doing more of what has been done for the last seven and a half years.”

While Obama continues to deflect responsibility and ownership of his actions and policies, the American people continue to turn out to vote in historic numbers against his Democratic party.

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