NFL Star Sends Strong Message About Abortion and the ‘Love of Jesus’


Chris Maragos, safety for the Philadelphia Eagles, is sending a strong message regarding abortion and the ‘love of Jesus’.

The Christian, pro-life member of the NFL and his wife, Serah, are participating in ‘Kick it for Life’ on May 27th.

‘Kick it for Life’ is a kickball tournament fundraiser that supports a pro-life pregnancy center called AlphaCare.

Maragos commented on his interest in this event and the organization, sharing a powerful message for mothers-to-be in need:

“Even if you're joyful about your pregnancy, there are questions and doubts. Now, imagine if you took all of those burdens onto yourself and kept your pregnancy a secret from the father, from your parents, and from your friends. If you don't believe, you bear all of those burdens yourself. It must be crushing. No wonder so many women decide that it is too much. It's no wonder that they think the solution to rid themselves of their ‘problem’ is their child.”

“Today, more than ever, AlphaCare goes wherever a woman needs the love of Jesus, as well as the AlphaCare services that go with it.”

Him and his wife were drawn to AlphaCare because of its ‘Christ-centered approach to meeting the needs of women who feel that abortion is their only way out of a desperate situation’, reports Pregnancy Help News.

Previously, Maragos has consistently, unashamedly, and publicly portrayed his Christian faith since becoming an NFL star.

He constantly retweets Christian pastors and recently posted a screenshot of a Hillsong track.

His Twitter bio also reads, “A nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody. Matthew 6:33.”

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