New Principal Establishes Dictatorship At School With These Anti-American Actions

A school in Sunset Park in Brooklyn, NY recently got a new principal.  What the parents and students got was a rabid politically correct dictator who shunned everything that American citizens stand for.

According to Fox News, principal Eujin Jaela Kim removed the pledge of allegiance and all mentions of Christmas or Thanksgiving from the school.

Thanksgiving has been re-classified as a “harvest festival.”  Christmas has been blown apart and reorganized into a “winter celebration.”  No word was given why the pledge of allegiance was removed.  However, if one is offended by a holiday then most likely they would be offended by patriotism or standing up for anything.

Assistant principal, Jose Chaparro sent a memo urging staff to “be sensitive of the diversity of our families.  Not all children celebrate the same holidays.”  In the warped liberal logic, being sensitive somehow translates into scrubbing America of her proud traditions.

If my child attended this school, I would remove them as fast as humanly possible.  It is a sad day in this country when Santa Claus and patriotism offend people.

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