New Poll Reveals Just What Israel Thinks Of Obama

It's not surprising than many Israelis disapprove of Obama's nuclear deal with a country whose leaders have vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the map, but you may be surprised by just how few Israelis believe Obama is pro-Israel.

According to the Associated Press, a recent poll revealed that only one in ten Israelis consider the U.S. president to be "pro-Israel." Obama has claimed to have a deep affection for Israel in the past, but Israelis are not seeing that reflected in the deal that was passed last week that will allow the U.S. president to immediately start scaling back sanctions on Iran.


Hebrew University historian Alexander Yakobson summed up his country's sentiments this way: "The average Israeli probably thinks that (Obama) is a nice guy, but he is naive. He doesn't get the Middle East, doesn't understand how the Mideast functions, and he doesn't therefore understand what dangers Israel has to face."

Another poll released Sunday, Sept. 13 shows 77% of Jewish Israelis saying that the Iran deal endangers their country. And when it comes to one of Israel's closest neighbors, an April poll conducted during the preliminary stages of the deal shows that only 9% of Israelis see the White House as "pro-Israeli" and 60% see it as "pro-Palestinian."

To top it off, 60% of Jewish Israelis consider Obama to be the worst U.S. president in protecting Israel in the past 30 years. Jimmy Carter came in a distant second with 16%.

Former Israeli consul-general Yoram Ettinger commented on Obama's nuclear deal that puts a lot of trust in Iran, "Are you rooted in reality or are you rooted in wishful thinking."

Do you think it's a American president's duty to protect Israel from its enemies?

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