More DAMAGING Things Come To Light As FBI Release Hillary Report

The FBI is revealing a boatload of new, damaging information after releasing (somewhat redacted) notes from their investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal. We've already outlined some of the devastating highlights in our Part 1 story.

Now here are some more shockers:


— Former Secretary of State Colin Powell warned Hillary about using her personal e-mail account for conducting State business. Hillary said Powell's words did not factor into her decision to use her personal e-mail account.
— In 2011, Hillary was given a security notice about conducting business on her personal e-mail account. Hillary says she doesn't recall seeing it. Hillary also claims she never received the instructions that were issued to her requiring her to hand over all of her State business e-mails when her tenure as Secretary of State ended.
— Hillary's official office was located in a secure facility where mobile devices were prohibited. Oddly enough, Hillary's office had no computer in it, and one of her BlackBerry phones was found in her desk drawer, suggesting that she broke security protocols again by using her personal BlackBerry instead of a State computer to do work in a secured facility.
— The State Department actually installed official, secured computers in both of her residences, but Hillary chose to use her personal mobile devices instead. She never used the computers.
— The State Department repeatedly sent notices to Hillary's top aides warning against using personal devices for State business because of the high security risk, especially out of country, but her aides did it anyway.
— The number of State e-mails Hillary sent from her personal e-mail account while traveling abroad was redacted on the FBI report. However, they indicated that Hillary sent hundreds of confidential e-mails from her BlackBerry while outside the country, putting that information at even greater risks as she connected to unsecured, foreign servers. On top of that, Hillary e-mailed
Obama on multiple occasions during those times, although she did not send any classified information to him.

Part 3 coming soon.

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