More Churches Offering THIS Alternative To Putting Money In The Collection Plate

Forgot your checkbook? Don't have enough cash in your wallet or purse? No problem. With just a smartphone and an app, you can give your weekly tithe.


According to, more and more congregations are offering alternative ways to give on Sunday morning — or any time of the week. Apps like, EasyTithe, and PushPay make remembering to tithe as easy as pushing a button. And if can't remember to do that every week, you can setup an app to automatically give a particular amount of your money on a regular basis.

The digital pay method of giving offerings seems particularly popular with the younger generation that doesn't carry around much cash and are not accustomed to using checkbooks. Churches have to subscribe to the app service to receive its congregants' digital tithes, which eats a little into the offering, but pastors have reported an overall increase in the amount of money tithed after they've offered digital options.’s co-founder Dean Sweetman said, “We see people giving all times of day and night. Nothing stands in the way.”

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