Missouri Sheriff Honors God And Is Forced To Defend His Actions

Doug Rader is the Sheriff of Stone County in Missouri.  He is also currently under attack from atheists for his small yet proud display of America’s heritage.

According to this recent Fox news article, Sheriff Rader put “In God We Trust” decals on his patrol cars.  His reasoning is that, “There is no time better than now than to proudly display our national motto!”


The motto is visible on all US Currency.  It also became the national motto in 1956.  Despite the deep rooted heritage of God and religion in America, people are taking offense to Rader’s display.

One such comment on the Sheriff’s facebook page sums up the hatred, “Very simple, and I’ll state for the record, I’m not offended that these decals exist, It’s inappropriate to have them on government property.  No voting required, it’s a violation of church and state.  You are showing preference to a religion.”

Another comment stated that, “putting that on your police vehicles sends a very clear message to our community.  It screams ‘we’re here to protect and serve, if you’re Christian”.

Despite the unfounded hatred and phobia of Christians, there has been an outpouring of support for the sheriff.  “We need to see more and more of this”, a commenter wrote, “Who cares about political correctness! I stand with GOD!”

What do you think of Sheriff Rader’s actions?  Do you stand with God?  We would love to hear your thoughts.

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