Marine Veteran Fears His Service Dog Is Gone Forever; Then THIS Happens

When Marine Veteran Chris Galliher lost his service dog Raider from his hotel room on his way back from a Marine ceremony, he didn't know if he'd ever see him...

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3 Sisters Anticipate A Fire Truck Tour, But They NEVER Expected Who Would Open The Door

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SHOCKING NEWS: Investigation Reveals MASS FALSIFICATIONS At VA Clinics In 7 States!

homecoming soldier
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Soldier Dad Fails To Catch Daughter's Pitch, But He Still Catches Her Totally Off-guard

Watch What Sent This 6th Grader Running Down Bleachers In A Flood Of Tears

When the faculty of Mint Hill Middle School assembled the entire sixth-grade class to welcome a special guest, Kaylee Grady...

U.S. Air Force: Please Pray for Airman, Family Injured in Brussels Attack

The U.S. Air Force has reported that a U.S. airman and members of his family were among the over 200...

Watch as John Wayne Talks to Returning Vietnam POWs

Watch as John Wayne Talks to Returning Vietnam POWs at the White House. The year was 1973, and the Vietnam...

What Rush Has To Say About Female WWII Pilots Getting SHUT OUT Of Arlington

In the midst of World War 2, as American men were killed in action as they fought battles in the...

Phoenix Suns Do This INCREDIBLE Act To Honor Military

The Phoenix Suns made a big deal out of honoring 8-year-old Kai, the son of deployed Air Force Tech Sgt...

It Only Takes 10 Seconds For This Marine's Dad To Get the SURPRISE Of His Life!

Marine Cory Harris' dad was sitting at a restaurant table when the waiter arrived. When he looked up, he got...