Trump Lays Out BOLD New Military Plan To Put America Back On Top

Philadelphia, PA. The home to cheesesteaks and the Liberty Bell. This week, it is also the site where Republican nominee Donald Trump is revealing his new plan to boost defense...

98-year-old vet
world war II veteran
navy sailors
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98-Year-Old Vet Hears Shouting Outside His House; He Looks Up To See THIS!

stolen valor
fake colonel
free ride
military loan

Stolen Valor Is A Real Problem; Watch As This Fake Colonel Tries To Get Free Ride, Military Loan

Families Miss Their Servicemembers, But It's Not Just the Humans Who Welcome Them Home

Families miss their deployed servicemembers, and they do a lot to keep things going on the homefront while their loved...

Usain Bolt Paused Interview For U.S. Anthem; Now Watch What THIS U.S. Pole Vaulter Does

Last week a video went viral from the 2012 London Olympics of Jamiacan sprinter Usain Bolt stopping a live interview...

U.S. Marine Court-Martialed For Posting Bible Verses, Vows To Fight All The Way To The Supreme Court

In 2013, United States Marine Monifa Sterling was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Her superior walked by her...

Here Are 20 Million SHOCKING Reasons Why The VA Is Failing Our Veterans

America’s veterans can go many months without seeing a doctor. Some veterans have even died while awaiting treatment. With such...

Soldier Dad's Kids, Friends Moved To Tears When He Does THIS

Following a 9-month deployment, soldier Jared Tschetter had one more secret mission to complete, this time at school of his...

Senior Intelligence Officer Drops BOMBSHELL About His Relationship With Obama

One of Obama’s most senior intelligence officials just revealed how little interest Obama had in the country’s defense or intelligence...