Homecoming Soldier Dad Practically Gives Teen Daughter A Heart Attack

Sergeant Carlos Solis Melendez has been serving our country while deployed to Kuwait for the past 9 months. The single dad decided to make his return to his South Carolina...

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Baby Salutes Marine Father...From The Womb?!

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U.S. Air Force Performs Beautiful 9/11 Memorial For 15th Anniversary

Trump Releases Plan For MASSIVE Military Changes

The focus of Donald Trump's speech in Philadelphia today was national security, and that's where he revealed his plan for...

Trump Lays Out BOLD New Military Plan To Put America Back On Top

Philadelphia, PA. The home to cheesesteaks and the Liberty Bell. This week, it is also the site where Republican nominee...

88 Retired Generals And Admirals Sign Up For One Last Mission To Save America

Recently, 88 retired leaders from the American military, comprised of Generals and Admirals, penned an open letter in support of...

98-Year-Old Vet Hears Shouting Outside His House; He Looks Up To See THIS!

A 98-year-old World War II veteran heard shouting in the street outside his house. He looked up and got one...

Stolen Valor Is A Real Problem; Watch As This Fake Colonel Tries To Get Free Ride, Military Loan

The Stolen Valor Act of 2013 makes it illegal to impersonate a military servicemember or wear military decorations you didn't...

Families Miss Their Servicemembers, But It's Not Just the Humans Who Welcome Them Home

Families miss their deployed servicemembers, and they do a lot to keep things going on the homefront while their loved...