Meet These Influential CHRISTIANS Who Are Joining Trump's Team!


As Donald Trump works to formulate his new administration, many Christians have rejoiced knowing so many other Christians are going to be a part of the new White House administration. The following people are all rooted in faith and will be guiding Trump during the next four years:

Reince Priebus has been appointed as Chief of Staff.  He credits scripture for one of the things that gets him through his day and has even started a Bible study and prayer group for young married couples at his church.

Steve Bannon has been an adamant supporter of Christianity in America and he's even discussed the attacks on Christian beliefs from across the globe. Bannon is long time Catholic.

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was also born and raised in a Catholic home. He holds Christian values personally and has referred to Islam as political ideologies hiding behind a religion.

Jeff Sessions, Trump's nominee for Secretary of State, is a long-time Methodist and supporter of traditional marriage.  He has also vowed to work to overturn Roe V. Wade and help end abortion in America.


Trump's choice for Director of the CIA is Mike Pompeo. He has supported Christian stances on abortion rights and defunding Planned Parenthood.  Pompeo and his family attend Eastminster Presbyterian Church where he teaches Sunday school class and serves as a deacon.

Betsy Devos, Trump's choice for Secretary of Education, is a graduate for Mars Hill Bible Church.  She has caused a stir among liberals before for refusing the always separate Church and State. 

Nikki Haley, the Republican governor of South Carolina, is being considered as ambassador to the United Nations. She is on record having said, “My faith in Christ has a profound impact on my daily life and I look to Him for guidance with every decision I make. God has blessed my family in so many ways and my faith in the Lord gives me great strength on a daily basis. Being a Christian is not about words, but about living for Christ every day.”


Are you happy to see so many Christians surrounding President-elect Trump? We didn't even mention Vice President-elect Mike Pence!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section of our Facebook page!

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