Mattress Store Comes Up With UNIQUE Way To Stomp All Over Kaepernick's Protest

Mattress store owner Dave Gerwing agrees there are still racial issues in American, but the country is "pretty, pretty good, if you ask me." And that's why he doesn't support San Francisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem protest.


According to CBS Chicago, Gerwing has taken a bold move as a business owner and use Kaepernick's jersey for his own protest. But instead of burning it, he's chosen to allow his customers to step all over it.

In other words, he's turned Kaepernick's 49ers jersey into...a doormat, complete with a sign inviting customers to wipe their feet on it.


“Does he have the right to protest? Absolutely,” Gerwing said. “The same way I have the right to put his jersey on the floor.”

To allay accusations that his protest of Kaepernick is racially motivated, he added, “This is not a race issue for me. If this were Eli Manning doing this, his jersey would be on the floor right now as well.”

He also said, “People have made the ultimate sacrifice. They have died for our freedoms. Sitting down on your butt is nothing more than a disservice and disrespect to the people fighting for our rights.”

What do you think about this?

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