Mark Dice: Here’s One of the Scenes That Probably Got Tim Allen’s Show Canceled

When ABC canceled their second most-watched comedy this season, there was little doubt in conservative fans’ minds why.

Conservative actor Tim Allen’s wholesome, blue-collar “The Last Man Standing” sitcom lacked the liberal social and political propaganda that have become expected features of most network television shows.

As media analyst Mark Dice describes it, Allen’s “Last Man Standing” character is “an all-American, Christian, conservative guy who had traditional family values.”

Aside from Allen’s comparison during an interview a couple months ago of being a conservative in Hollywood to being a Jew in Nazi Germany, Dice believes particular scenes from his show may have led to its cancelation.

In a December episode, Allen is featured making fun of microaggressions — which Dice describes as “when liberals hallucinate that they’re experiencing racism.”

“Do you want me to give you notes before you send it in,” asks the young woman who plays Allen’s daughter, referring to the speech Allen is supposed to make at her college graduation.

“Send it in? What do you mean?” Allen’s character asks.

“The faculty committee needs to approve it after they check for microaggressions,” she explains to him.

“Microaggressions? You mean like midget warriors?” Allen’s character asks....STORY AND VIDEO CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE.

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