Man Goes to Propose to His Girlfriend, Then Turns to Her Sister and Gets Down on One Knee

June 29, 2017

Ashley Schaus and Will Seaton had been dating from 2010 to 2017. After seven years of a special love and wonderful memories, Will wanted to propose to his girlfriend.

However, on the day of the proposal, Will did something completely unexpected. He turned to Ashley’s sister, Hannah Schaus, and got down on one knee.

Hannah has down syndrome and diabetes. Ashley is very ‘overprotective’ of her sister and refers to her as her ‘best friend’. From the beginning of Will and Ashley’s relationship, she made it clear that her sister was a top priority.

Since then, Will happily included Hannah on his and Ashley’s dates and over time, the three of them became best friends. On the special day that he asked Ashley to marry him, he asked Hannah to be his best friend first. He knelt down and presented Hannah with the sisters’ grandmothers’ ring.

Then, he knelt down and asked Ashley to be his future wife with an engagement ring. The girls were ecstatic!

ABC News also reported on the story, getting exclusive comments from the newly engaged couple. Hannah told ABC that Will is ‘amazing’, makes her happy, and ‘takes care of her’. Will describes his relationship with the his fiance’s sister as a ‘true blessing’.

Ashley and Will’s love story is very unique compared to a typical 'fairytale'. How the two met one another and how they included Ashley's sister into almost everything is such a beautiful story...STORY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE.