Mainstream Media Continues To Promote FAKE Racist Story After Proven To Be False

Yesterday there was a story making the rounds on the mainstream and mostly liberal media outlets.  The story was that nooses were hung from a tree at the University of Delaware a day after a Black Lives Matter rally.   The school rushed in to quickly condemn the racist act.


According to the Blaze, University President Nancy Targett even took to twitter, “@udelpolice is investigating hate crime.  We need to stand together against intolerance.  Call 831-2222 if you saw anything. #VoicesOfUDel”

Targett continued her outrage on Facebook, “We are saddened and disturbed that this deplorable act has taken place on our campus.  This hateful display stands in stark contrast to Monday night’s peaceful protest and discussion.  We condemn this despicable action and ask everyone in our community to stand together against intolerance and hate”.

However, investigators quickly learned that the “nooses” were in fact left over string that was used to hang paper lanterns at an earlier event.


Targett quickly backed off on the outrage and sent out a tweet, “@UDelPolice determine incident was not a hate crime.  Please stand with me on the green at 4:30pm.”

The quick rush to make the leftover string a racial rallying cry without a full investigation first, angered a lot of students and community members, as evidenced by their response on Targett’s twitter feed.  They were clearly not pleased, especially since there has been so much manufactured racial outrage in the media within the past year.  One commenter asked, “@NancyMTargett, why are people so anxious for this to be a hate crime?”   Another person commented that it “Wasn’t a noose at all.  You know, ‘Jumping To Conclusions’ should be an event in the #LiberalOlympics”

Despite the story having been proven to be a non-story, a race baiting article remains up on MSNBC with the headline of “Nooses Found Hanging From Tree On University Of Delaware Campus”


In the article, the author attempts to connect the lantern strings dangling from a tree as “nooses” placed there in response to the Black Lives Matter rally held there the day before.

An article on CNN admits that there were no nooses, but allows the story to still live on and fester by posting multiple quotes from people who want to believe that the lantern strings are something more than they are.

It is really sad to see race baiting continuing in the mainstream media.  This call to make everything a racial issue must stop.  This country needs healing, not more fear mongering and division amongst the people.

Do you agree?

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