Magazine Editor Declares “Starting A Family” Is Offensive. His Reason Will Leave You Scratching Your Head.

Liberal journalists seem to suffer from a severe affliction in which their brains and thought processes are constantly battling against an unseen illness where the most innocuous words and phrases appear to them as utterly offensive and intolerant. Other symptoms include a complete lack of understanding and a loss of touch with reality.

The newest case of this illness came to light from the senior editor of the Washingtonian magazine, Bill O’Sullivan. In one of his recent editorials, O’Sullivan declared the phrase “Start a family” to be offensive. He reasons that the phrase “devalues any couple who doesn’t happen to have kids, for whatever reason. It even sells single people short, who many not have children but do have ‘chose’ families of friends.”

In addition to his delicate sensibilities regarding those three little words, O’Sullivan also helped promote a notion that somehow the word “female” is also offensive and criminal. “The dehumanizing aspect is reason enough to avoid it,” O’Sullivan cried.

O’Sullivan finished his confusing rant without offering his choice of replacement phrases that he wants his liberal readers to use instead. He did however offer a vague decree. “Let your language reflect, and be sensitive to, the world we live in,” O’Sullivan wrote.

It must be a sad existence for people who find offense to “start a family” or “female.”  There must be a million separate incidents each day in which people like O’Sullivan involuntarily cringe or wince during normal conversation.

It leads one to wonder, what innocent word or phrase will be chosen next for sacrifice on the altar of political correctness? Will there even be any words left when they are through?

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