MAF Affiliate Flies Rescue Missions As Death Toll Rises From MASSIVE 7.8-M Quake

Mission Aviation Fellowship affiliate Alas de Socorro del Ecuador is sending in help from above to aid victims of the massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake that devastated the coast of Ecuador Saturday. According to CNBC, the quake has killed at least 350 people, has injured over 2,000 more, and has left many still trapped in rubble two days later. President Rafael Correa expects the death toll to continue to rise.


According to MAF, Alas de Socorro, based in Shell where Nate Saint famously flew MAF's early flights deep into the Amazon to reach remote tribes with the Gospel, has been flying medical evacuation flights into the quake region and is assessing how else they might be able to meet the needs of devastated communities. The government of Ecuador relies on Alas de Socorro, which was born out of MAF, to serve hard-to-get-to areas of the mountainous and heavily vegetated country.

On Sunday, Alas de Socorro pilot Dan Whitehead reported, “The hardest hit town was Perdenales and we have heard from a reliable source that they fear more than 1,000 have died there. The communications with the small towns along the coast are patchy, so we don’t yet know all that has happened.”

Please pray for the safety and success of all these rescuers!

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