Macy's Store Detective CONFRONTS Man In Woman's Bathroom; What Happened Next Got Him FIRED

A Macy's store detective was fired for standing up for his faith, according to Todd Starnes of Fox News, and it had to do with who gets to go into which store bathroom.


Javier Chavez, a 26-year employee of a Queens, New York, Macy's who became a store detective, responded to a call earlier this year from a mother and daughter afraid to enter a the women's bathroom because there was a man inside. Chavez had one of his security guards tell the man to leave the restroom, but the man — who identifies as a woman — refused and complained loudly to store management.

Chavez was told by Macy's that his actions violated company policy, which states, “Given that Macy’s employs and serves people of many different religions, ethnicities and cultures, Macy’s expects its employees to at all times treat fellow employees and customers in a non-discriminatory and respectful manner in accordance with our company policies.”

Chavez, who is Roman Catholic, said the company's policy went against his biblical beliefs and common sense as a parent. Chavez was soon fired.

Starnes acknowledges that he's only been able to get Chavez' side of the story, but Bill Donohue of the Catholic League believes this is a case of discrimination.

“For merely holding beliefs that are contrary to the store’s policy, Chavez was fired,” he said. “This is what totalitarian regimes do, not American commercial establishments.”

What do you think of this?

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