Liberals Cheer! Candace Fumes! What's It About This Time?

A cellphone video went viral today when a Starbucks customer started screaming at a Republican governor as he was trying to order a drink.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, activist Cara Jennings says she noticed Florida governor Rick Scott enter the coffee shop and decided to give him a piece of her mind about his policies. On the video you can hear her yelling at him for not providing good jobs, preventing her from getting Obamacare and stripping state funding of abortion clinics.

When the short video clip was shown on "The View," the liberals on the panel cheered Jennings on, but lone conservative co-host Candace Cameron Bure didn't join in. Instead, she questioned whether the event was truly spontaneous, saying it looked like a setup.

She also questioned Jennings' manner of address her governor, saying, "I just think there is a time and a place for that. The man wasn't campaigning. I don't know if she's tried to talk to him before. If she's called the office to have an appointment with him. I just think that productive conversation is the way to go. I feel like this is the political climate we're living in, with Donald with yelling at people, everyone yelling — can we stop yelling?!"

Candace added, "She yelled at him. She gave him a piece of her mind, OK. But what's that going to do? That's not respectful."

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