LGBT Groups Target BYU For Their Religious Beliefs, Send Hateful Letter To Big 12 Officials

If a person, company, or school holds any personal belief other than the position of the left, they are quickly accused of having a “phobia.” For instance, if you don’t agree with the gay lifestyle you are labeled as being “homophobic.”

The attachment of the word “phobia” is meant as an attempt to shame that person or entity into silencing their voice, personal and religious beliefs and fall in line with the agenda that the mainstream media is promoting and the liberal politicians are legislating.

One such case of religious persecution involves Brigham Young University. According to ESPN, a number of LGBT groups led by Athlete Ally, have banded together to persecute Brigham Young University because they don’t agree with the private Mormon university’s religious beliefs.

BYU is being considered for addition into the BIG 12 conference, but the anti-religious groups have come out in full force to block them. Athlete Ally sent a bigoted letter to the Big 12 commissioner as well as the other university presidents.

“As organizations committed to ending homophobia, biphobia and transphobia both on and off the field of play, we are deeply troubled by this possibility,” Athlete Ally wrote in a letter to the Big 12. “We feel it would be extremely problematic to include BYU in your conference expansion.” Athlete Ally did not point to any specific incident involving BYU, rather they took offense to the university’s honor code.

BYU quickly rejected the notion that they are guilty of being “phobic” towards any student. “BYU welcomes as full members of the university community all whose conduct meets university standards,” BYU spokesperson Carri Jenkins said in a statement. “We are very clear and open about our honor code, which all students understand and commit to when they apply for admission. One’s stated sexual orientation is not an issue.”

Do you think BYU is being unfairly targeted?

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