LGBT Group DEMANDS Police Cut Ties To Pastor Jeffress After His Sermon

Pastor Robert Jeffress has called stores like Target with open bathroom policies worse than ISIS!

That's the claim blasted by left-leaning media outlets after Jeffress recently addressed transgenderism during a sermon. What he really said, though, is that the Obama administration and companies boycotting North Carolina over their bathroom bill are actively doing more to hurt religious freedom in America than ISIS currently is by pushing the transgender lifestyle as normal and healthy, worthy of special protections.

But in a reply to the sermon, according FOX 4, an LGBT group is calling for the Dallas police to cut their ties with the First Baptist Church of Dallas pastor, saying law enforcement should sever their relationship even after the church recently honored local police with a "Back in Blue" event in April.

On WBAP News Talk this morning, Jeffress addressed his transgenderism comments and replied to the backlash of criticism.


"The merits of their argument just don't stand," Jeffress explained. "What parent wants some hairy-legged man going into a girls' locker room and showering with their daughters because he's confused about [his] gender? To quote that great philosopher Charlton Heston from 'Planet of the Apes,' 'it's a madhouse' to allow such a thing! This world is topsy turvy because we have neglected the clear teaching of God's Word."

He then doubled-down on his earlier sermon, saying, "I don't hate transgender people. I said in my sermon last Sunday, those who suffer from gender identity confusion should be treated compassionately and professionally. But they shouldn't be exploited by social activists, like those in the Obama administration, who want to try to blur the God-given distinction between the sexes. Jesus said from the beginning God made them male and female, not male, female, and question mark."

What do you think about this?

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