Kelsey Grammer Exposes Obama's Hypocrisy With This T-Shirt

Isn't it ironic that President Obama (and all other liberals) want to simultaneously promote killing babies while stripping Americans of their rights to guns? Kelsey Grammer certainly thinks so. Last fall, Grammer's wife posted this picture of Grammer's t-shirt.


Of course, liberals were very upset by this, reports Life Site News. But Grammer hasn't stopped there. In a recent interview with the UK'S "The Times," Grammer said even stronger words about abortion in the case of rape. “It gets a bit dishonest to call something reproductive rights when you clearly have a choice well before a baby is conceived,” Grammer said. “If someone has to die as a result of rape, then we should kill the rapist — not the unborn child.”

Wow! It's an eyebrow-raising statement, but it has a lot of truth! If someone is really demanding justice, isn't the perpetrator the first one to approach--not the innocent? What do you think of Grammer's shirt and statements? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!

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