Kathie Lee Gifford Opens Up About Losing Her Beloved Husband Frank

Kathie Lee Gifford lost her beloved husband Frank 8 months ago. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, she opens up this week about her thoughts on losing Frank.


Frank Gifford was a legendary football hero when Kathie Lee met him. They were married for 29 years when Frank passed away this last year. Frank was on Monday Night Football for 27 years and was known by millions.

Kathie Lee said she hadn't been able to watch a single football game since Frank passed away. They were very much in love and she misses him tremendously. Even though she has a life of fame and stardom, and is able to travel and do so many things,

When Frank passed away, she met with Cody their son to talk about whether to donate Frank's brain to science. They asked each other two questions: What would Jesus want? And what would Frank want? And they made the decision to donate his brain to science to help others.

Kathie Lee said when she met Frank, she told the Lord if He gave her 10 years together it would be the greatest blessing of her life. Even the last 4 years, when Frank was not in great health, she says were "unbelievable."

Let us all pray for a life well lived!

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