Just How Little Do Americans Trust The Media?

A recent Gallup poll revealed just how far trust in the mainstream media has fallen amongst Americans, according to Breitbart.

In 1999, Americans had a slightly favorable view of the media.  55% of the people trusted the media that they were getting accurate reporting. 

Since then, the numbers have dropped significantly.  Only 40% of Americans trust their media sources.  The bias in mainstream media may be to blame.

A further breakdown of the poll results reveal that the numbers are vastly different amongst the lines of political affiliation.  The overwhelming majority of the mainstream media is run and controlled by liberals and they in turn report the news with a liberal bias. 

Despite having control of the media, only 55% of Democrats trust the media.  On the other side, Republicans and Independents have a far less trusting attitude towards the media.  Republicans have only a 32% trust level with the media.  Independents have a slightly higher trust level at 33%

What is your view of the mainstream media?  Do you trust them to give you an accurate story?

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