Jill Cummins Releases Statement After Her Husband Is Found With Missing Teen


Missing Teen Elizabeth Thomas and her abductor, 50-year-old former teacher Tad Cummins, have finally been found after 39 days, answering prayers across the nation.

Thomas and Cummins were discovered in a small town located in Northern California after a young, cabin property caretaker noticed the two were indeed the people from the nationwide Amber Alert.

Elizabeth is finally being reunited with her family Friday April 21st and Cummins has been arrested and booked in a local jail, awaiting final word on various state and federal charges.


Tad’s wife Jill Cummins, who has recently filed for divorce, had their family attorney release a statement on behalf of herself and their two daughters. The statement continuously expresses the family’s gratitude towards all law enforcement and media for their help with this case.

“Jill, Erica and Ashlee are glad this chapter of the ordeal is over. They are grateful to all law enforcement for their hard work...Jill, Erica and Ashlee also appreciate the local and national media for keeping this story in the spotlight. They are thankful that Elizabeth Thomas will soon be returned to her family where she can begin the healing process.”

“[Jill, Erica and Ashlee] trust the judicial system to administer justice upon Tad Cummins and leave that up to the capable individuals involved in the judicial system.”

Elizabeth’s family also appeared on Good Morning America to talk about their reactions to their teenage girl being found and brought home safely.

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Please continue to join us in prayer for these families affected!

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