Jessie Watters Reacts to Patrick Stewart’s Silliest Idea Ever To Oppose Trump

Famed “Star Trek” actor Sir Patrick Stewart sent out a tweet last month that went viral after it took a dig at President Trump: “Had the worst sleep of my life last night. But I was sleeping less than 300 yds from where Donald Trump sleeps. Could there be a connection?”

His comment caught the attention of the liberals on “The View,” and they asked him about it during an interview on Thursday.

The British actor used that opportunity to announce that he is applying for U.S. citizenship in order to do more than just insult our president on Twitter.

“I want to be an American, too,” Stewart proclaimed enthusiastically to a cheering audience, “because all of my friends in Washington said there is one thing you can do: Fight! Fight! Oppose! But I can’t do it because I’m not a citizen.”

Fox News’ Jessie Watters of “Watter’s World” commented on that Friday morning.

“I think we should extremely vet this guy,” Watters quipped, only half joking. “I don’t know if we can afford this type of behavior.”

On the flip side, it’s hard to imagine an American citizen being granted British citizenship if they publicly declared that their sole reason for getting it would be to “fight” and “oppose” British leadership.

Stewart just inadvertently revealed while celebrities are so out of touch with America: They don’t even understand it.

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Watch the full 3-minute Watters segment below:

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