Ivanka Trump Says These 7 Tips Help Her Be More Productive

Ivanka Trump recently shared 7 tips that she credits with increasing her productivity. In her new book, "Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success", Ivanka outlines certain practices that help her juggle work, life, and motherhood.

1) Color-code your calendar so you get a visual image of the areas where you will be spending most of your time.


2) Search your inbox for patterns that are reoccurring. "If, for example, my construction team is sending me complex questions by email twenty times a day, it would be more efficient to set up a face-to-face touch-base meeting with them on a recurring basis to get them the answers they need efficiently," Ivanka says.

3) Try to journal daily to organize your thoughts and also your long-and short-term goals.

4) Treat your personal life and goals like you do your business life and goals. "Right now, I play cars with [my older son] Joseph, on the floor, for twenty minutes each day. [My daughter] Arabella loves books, so I make a note to read at least two per day to her and plan 'dates' to the library," Ivanka writes in her book. She also has a scheduled "date night" with her husband.

5) Get off of all social media, cell phones, and technology to recharge yourself and be more productive when you come back.

6) Set high-level resolutions that you want to see kept.

7) Meditate to gain clarity. "Transcendental meditation is a practice I picked up several years ago and I couldn't do half of what I do in a day without it," she writes. "Twenty minutes is ideal for calming the mind, eliminating distractions, and boosting my productivity."

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