INCREDIBLE! 100 Year Old Man Sets FIVE World Records!

Don Pellmann, a man of epic legend, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1915.  100 years later, as the most senior participant of the San Diego Senior Olympics, he continues to defy everything we know about aging, according to the New York Times.

While not traveling the country to participate in track meets, Pellmann lives with his wife Marge at an assisted living facility in Santa Clara, California.  He retired back in 1970 but has refused to slow down.  His children urged him to participate in track meets.  Since then he has participated in 126 different meets.

In San Diego, Pellmann was the star of the meet, setting 5 new world records for his age group.

In the discus throw, Pellmann made three attempts.  Each throw was longer than the previous.  His final throw cemented the new record at 48 feet 9 inches!

In the shot put, Pellmann’s record throw measured 21 feet 6 inches.  It was 3 feet better than the previous record.


In the 100 meter dash, Pellmann clocked in at 26.99 and shattered the previous record for his age group.  The previous record for his age group was set in 2010 with the time of 29.83.  In anticipation of this event, Pellmann had marked off a 100 meter section of road in front of his home where he would practice every week.

The 100 year old wonder also competed in the long jump where he logged a record breaking distance of 5 feet 10 inches!


If that was not incredible enough, Pellmann decided to compete in the pole vault.  He became the oldest man to record a pole vault.  He dislodged the bar three times at the height of 3 feet 1 inches.  He was disappointed in his pole vaulting effort.  “This is the worst day I’ve had in months.  I’m sorry about that pole vault disaster”, Pellmann said.

Pellmann has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.  He is an incredible testament to longevity and physical health.  His explanation for his superhuman exploits?  “I guess I have pretty good genes”, Pellmann said.

This man is simply amazing!  Do you agree?

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