How The Trump Family Is Honoring International Women’s Day

family politics
March 08, 2017

Liberal women are joining across the country to honor International Women’s Day by participating in a nation-wide strike on Wednesday, March 8th.

The ‘A Day Without a Woman’ strike consists of women refusing to work, shop, volunteer, change diapers, ‘fake smile’, chores, etc. in order to make a statement regarding women’s rights and gender equality.

While many liberal women are striking against daily tasks and smiles, the Trump family [along with many other conservatives] continues to uphold their responsibilities and speak out encouraging words of praise to all women.

Donald Trump Jr. also retweeted from 'Trump Organization', "On #InternationalWomensDay, we thank all women for inspiring, supporting & defining your families, communities & workplaces across the globe."

In addition, First Lady Melania Trump hosted an International Women’s Day luncheon to inspire hard-working and dedicated women making a difference around the globe. Attendees included Ivanka Trump, Karen Pence, Kellyanne Conway and Betsy DeVos.

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