How Much Will The New Transgender Military Cost Us?

How much will Obama's latest transgender edict cost America? That question is multilayered. This week, Obama's administration announced it would drop the ban on transgenders serving in the military. Along with this, Obama said the taxpayers would now cover the cost of military members' sex reassignment surgeries.


So, you have the financial cost, the cultural cost, and the security cost. And it's hard to say which will be worse. On the financial side, sex reassignment surgeries (with hormonal replacement included) can range from 7,000 to 100,000 dollars, Life Site News reports. Obama's administration said, “Right now, most of our transgender service members must go outside the military medical system in order to obtain medical care that is judged by doctors to be medically necessary, and they have to pay for it out of their own pockets. This is inconsistent with our promise to all our troops that we will take care of them and pay for necessary medical treatment.”

"Necessary medical treatment": That phrase leads us to our next cost--the cultural repercussions. Saying that changing your gender (though impossible) is a necessary thing is a terrible message to our young people. Attempting to change who you are out of unhappiness through mutilating your body and trying to live a lie is "necessary?" The government telling this to young (and old) people will certainly have disastrous effects.

And the third tremendous cost of Obama's latest plan to alter America is our security. As many have noted, the purpose of the military is to protect the nation, not to make people feel good.  Lt. Gen. (ret.) Jerry Boykin said, "This has everything to do with President Obama's social agenda for the military, but it has nothing to do with enhancing military readiness. No new science has led to the Pentagon's transgender study—only the politics of the Obama administration and the transgender movement. Defense Secretary Carter has failed to explain how this new policy makes our military more capable of winning wars.”

Numerous military personnel are upset about this edict, as it will lend complexity and extra burdens to an already difficult job. Others have pointed out that this is exactly what a group like ISIS would want. What do you think about Obama's decision to let transgenders join the military and have Americans pay for their surgeries? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!

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