How Many Fulfilled And Unfulfilled Prophecy Verses Are In The Bible?

Fortune tellers abound, but there is only one source for a true glimpse at the future, and that is God, because He is the only Being in the universe who exists outside of time and has seen what will come. Amazingly, throughout history, God has given us a glimpse into the future through His Word, in the form of prophecies — some already fulfilled and others yet to be fulfilled.

So how many prophecy verses are there in the Bible?


According to What Christians Want To Know, there are 3,200 verses with prophecies that have been fulfilled and another 3,100 verses with prophecies yet to be fulfilled! That's a whole lot more "foretelling" than you could ever get from a palm reading scam artist.

Fulfilled prophecies reveal to us God's provision for His people throughout history, and unfulfilled prophecies show us what to be prepared for in the last days. With over 6,000 verses about prophecy in the Bible, it's apparent that God never intended us to live out our Christian faith in blindness and uncertainty. Yet in recent times, the biblical study of end times has waned, especially with prophecy contained in complex books like Revelation. Let us not shy away from difficult doctrine, for the completion of His Word is as important as the beginning.

Praise God for revealing to us the bigger picture!

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